Hi! This is the official page for the Bang Bang Breakfast on TuksFM 107.2, officially the greatest damn rock station in the world! \m/

Feel free to add us to your subscribed blog list (in fact, I’d love that πŸ˜‰ or otherwise follow us on the official TuksFM Fan Page on facebook. Lastly, add us on twitter! @RobForbesDJ and @pjvanrooyen coz we’d love to hear from you!

Let’s chat!

  1. presjzuma says:

    So according to WordPress, this is one of the fastest growing WordPress blogs.


    I can still recall when TUKS FM was “wired” and played all over campus on speakers bolted to the walls.

    That was when Roper street still ran under Die Hoer, oh sorry, the GW building.

    Good times, good times. Oh yes!

  2. Dellorin says:

    Hi Rob listening this morning on the U/Bono was quite interseting. I ahve been a U2 fan for ages and went to see them when they were in SA on the previous tour. I recently read a book that gave me great insight in the band and Bono. I agrre with you that will probably still be there when the Britney Spaers and Biebers’ are long gone. For great insight into the band read this book, it will be worth the while Bono on Bono – conversations with Michka Assayas. a Great book. Redards dellorin

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